• Park of the Strait

    Ruta 9 Sur .

    Home to national monuments Fort Bulnes and "Port Famine"

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  • Los Pinguinos Natural Monument - Magdalena Island

    Magdalena Island, Punta Arenas, Chile .

    Mingle with these beautiful birds and observe how they live in communities. Aside from penguins, take this opportunity to get to know other species like the cormorants, seagulls and the amazing sea lions.

  • Club Andino

    Cerro MIrador S/N .


    15 minutes from the center of Punta Arenas is located the Club Andino winter center, with ski fields overlooking the Strait, and beautiful hiking trails

  • Magallanes National Reserve

    Cerro Mirador S/N .

    This reserve is covered in abundant vegetation, with native trees like Lengas and Coigües that strech in its more than 19.625 hectares.

  • Pinguino Rey Park

    Bahía Inutil, Tierra del Fuego .

    This colony of king penguins is the only one in South America, and the number of specimens varies by season and the reproductive status of the specie.

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  • San Isidro Lighthouse and Cabo Froward

    South Brunswick Peninsula .

    This route is a great challenge for those who usually practice trekking, as well as observers of nature and all those who wish to know the imposing landscapes and Magellan ecosystems, still little intervened by man.

  • Whales Sanctuary

    Parque Marino Francisco Coloane .

    You can observe one of the largest mammals in the world: the majestic humpback whale. From Punta Arenas, boat tours take you to the part of the Magellan strait where whales can be mainly observed from December to April. But they are not the only inhabitants of this wild area: sea lions, petrels, cormorants and dolphins can also be seen on this tour.